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Bus Bar Systems: Inside Power Switchboards

Cables are still used in manufacturing of power switchboards. However, there is an alternative; bus bars, or a busbar trunking system. This is a power distribution system that uses rigid conductors made of solid aluminium or copper instead of power cables. So what are the benefits of using the busbar systems inside switchboards?

1. Modular and Expandable

When building power switchboards, there are two popular methods, custom built & modular built. With a modular system, the bus bar system is generally modular as well and can be easily expanded or extended to. For as long as you find a quality bus bar bender for sale, have skilled workers and have the necessary materials on hand, you can build or expand upon an existing bus bar system relatively easily. Upgrading or reconfiguring cabled systems cost more, require more skilled labour and more time.

2. More Space-Efficient – Busbars in parallel

When switchboards require thousands of amps of power, bus bar systems can save space and they can be run parallel which means they require less physical infrastructure. With a bus bar system, you can be more efficient in the use of available switchboard space. You can reduce the amount of wires that comes with conventional cabled systems.

3. Carry more current

By design, busbars comes in solid rectangular bar and offer an optimal distribution of electrical current and less electrical resistance. Busbars also have a minimum distance between each conductor within their support brackets and can carry more current than cables.

4. Working with bus bar

Bus bar systems inside switchboards often require bending, punching & cutting the bus bar to forms it for the requirements. Bending can be done in U shape, Z shape and L shape. A good quality bus bar machine can do these functions.


Compared to conventional cabled power systems, bus bar power distribution systems offer numerous advantages. The cost, time, materials, space and labour requirements can be considerably less. This alternative or upgrade can be a worthwhile investment.

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