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Copper C Connector

Copper C Connector

Part No.: UTCC
Weight: kg
Copper C Connector

  • Manufactured from 99.9% oxygen free high conductivity copper
  • Electro tin plated for corrosian resistance
  • Interconnection of bare earth conductors
  • Special crimp dies to suit


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SKUPriceSizeQty per packAdd to Cart
UTCC16POA14.5mm² - 16.0mm²1
UTCC20POA16.5mm² - 20.0mm²1
UTCC26POA21.0mm² - 26.0mm²1
UTCC44POA27.0mm² - 44.0mm²1
UTCC60POA45.0mm² - 60.0mm²1
UTCC76POA61.0mm² - 76.0mm²1
UTCC98POA77.0mm² - 98.0mm²1
UTCC122POA99.0mm² - 122.0mm²1
UTCC154POA123.0mm² - 154.0mm²1
UTCC190POA155.0mm² - 190.0mm²1
UTCC240POA191.0mm² - 240.0mm²1
UTCC288POA241.0mm² - 288.0mm²1
UTCC365POA289.0mm² - 365.0mm²1

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