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Copper Lug Right Angle

Copper Lug Right Angle

Part No.: UTCLRA
Weight: kg
Copper Lug Right Angle

  • Manufactured from 99.9% oxygen free high conductivity copper
  • Electro tin plated for corrosian resistance
  • Complies with: AS/NZ 4325:1; EN 60998-1:2004
  • Temperature range -55C to +155C


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UTT DATA SHEET – UTCLRA – Copper Lugs Right Angle

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SKUPriceSizeStud SizeA/F Hex Die (mm)Qty per packAdd to Cart
UTCLRA10-6$2.8510.0mm²M6 Stud Size5.71
UTCLRA16-6$3.1016.0mm²M6 Stud Size6.31
UTCLRA16-8$3.3516.0mm²M8 Stud Size6.31
UTCLRA25-6$3.8525.0mm²M6 Stud Size7.71
UTCLRA25-8$4.2525.0mm²M8 Stud Size7.71
UTCLRA35-6$4.9535.0mm²M6 Stud Size9.21
UTCLRA35-8$5.2035.0mm²M8 Stud Size9.21
UTCLRA35-10$5.7535.0mm²M10 Stud Size9.21
UTCLRA50-8$7.4550.0mm²M8 Stud Size10.41
UTCLRA50-10$7.8050.0mm²M10 Stud Size10.41
UTCLRA70-8$9.6570.0mm²M8 Stud Size11.51
UTCLRA70-10$9.8570.0mm²M10 Stud Size11.51
UTCLRA70-12$10.0570.0mm²M12 Stud Size11.51
UTCLRA95-8$15.5095.0mm²M8 Stud Size14.21
UTCLRA95-10POA95.0mm²M10 Stud Size14.21
UTCLRA95-12POA95.0mm²M12 Stud Size14.21
UTCLRA120-10POA120.0mm²M10 Stud Size16.51
UTCLRA120-12POA120.0mm²M12 Stud Size16.51

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