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Heavy-Duty Cable Clamps in Australia

Universal Tools and Terminations partner with globally trusted suppliers to distribute high-quality cable clamps in a wide range of sizes. We ship Australia wide.

Cable clamps are widely used in the installation of mains cables. As a result, cable clamps need to be able to withstand tough conditions and high tension. Wire holding clamps are also used in power utility industry.

Cable clamps enhance the securing of electrical cables. Browse our range of cable clamps below.

Why Choose Universal Tools and Terminations?

At Universal Tools and Terminations, our cable wire clamps are manufactured from fibreglass reinforced Polyamide for the most heavy-duty applications. Their temperature range spans from -40C to +120C, while their mechanical strength is up to 30000Nm. Finally, they are UV, frost, oil, salt and corrosion resistant, excellent for indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of applications.

Our cable clamps are in high demand in the power utility industry.

We supply quad formation, tri-formation and single cable clamps of high mechanical strength, temperature range, and environmental durability. For any enquiries, call us on (03) 5579 5841 or send an email to

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