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Electricians' Hydraulic Hole Punch for Sale in Australia

Optimise operations with an electrician’s hydraulic hole puncher. This robust tool punches out clean and accurate holes in metal boxes and panels, with no further cleaning up of the hole. Streamline installations by opting to use this tool instead of a hole saw.
Choose the correct size punch and die, before punching.

Universal Tools and Terminations offers different hydraulic hole punching kits for sale. Sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, these innovative tools are available for shipment throughout Australia.

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High Performance

A hydraulic hole punching tool is a self-contained tool available in different models. It efficiently and effectively punches holes through different materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium sheets and plastics. Use it to streamline wiring installations, whether it’s for upgrades or new construction.


The hydraulic hole punchers we carry have an internal safety pressure relief valve. Its punch and die design uses less tonnage during operations which causes less fatigue in the operator and wear and tear of the machine. Punched material is immediately removed from the punch and die in three pieces. Operators will spend less time removing excess material.

Why Choose Universal Tools and Terminations

We are one of the leading suppliers of high-end electrical tools in Australia. Our selection of hydraulic hole punch kits is suitable for many applications. Discover how you can benefit from the kits’ features when you purchase one for your business.

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