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Narrow Palm Bi-Metal Cable Lugs in Australia

Narrow Palm Bi-Metal Cable Lugs in Australia

Part No.: UTBLCB
Weight: kg

Narrow Palm Bi-metal Lug

Universal Tools & Terminations has a full range of narrow palm bi-metal lugs for both standard metric conductors and named conductors. Our Narrow Palm Bi-metal lugs are manufactured using electrical grade aluminium and copper which feature a very strong fusion welded AL/CU joint. Bi-metal lugs are supplied with jointing compound in the barrels and are sealed with an end cap. Crimp die information is supplied with each bi-metal lug.

Universal Tools and Terminations provide high-quality products that are:

  • Manufactured from 99.9% oxygen free high conductivity copper & 99.6% oxygen free aluminium
  • Joined using friction welding
  • Supplied with jointing compound in the barrel, sealed with cap
  • Compliant with: AS/NZ 4325:1; EN 60998-1:2004

Key Features


Made with a combination of copper and aluminium, these narrow palm bimetal cable lugs give you the best possible transition for your electrical needs. Connected by friction welding, the lugs provide a durable joint. These lugs are capped and filled with a joint compound that prevents them from oxidising.

Why Choose Universal Tools and Terminations

Universal Tools and Terminations helps the electrical industry throughout Australia find high-quality parts and equipment for their electrical needs, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The bi-metal lugs we carry are available in multiple sizes. Find what you need when you browse our catalogue. All of these bi-metal lugs are for sale and ready for shipment across the country.


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UTT DATA SHEET – UTBLCB – Narrow Palm Bi-metal Lugs

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SKUPriceSizeStud SizeA/F Hex Die (mm)Qty per packAdd to Cart
UTBLCB 35-8$12.8035.0mm²M8 Stud Size91
UTBLCB 35-10$12.8035.0mm²M10 Stud Size91
UTBLCB 35-12$13.8035.0mm²M12 Stud Size91
UTBLCB 50-8$13.5050.0mm²M8 Stud Size13.21
UTBLCB 50-10$13.5050.0mm²M10 Stud Size13.21
UTBLCB 50-12$14.5050.0mm²M12 Stud Size13.21
UTBLCB 70-8$13.9570.0mm²M8 Stud Size13.21
UTBLCB 70-10$13.9570.0mm²M10 Stud Size13.21
UTBLCB 70-12$14.9570.0mm²M12 Stud Size13.21
UTBLCB 70-16$14.9570.0mm²M16 Stud Size13.21
UTBLCB 95-8$14.6095.0mm²M8 Stud Size17.31
UTBLCB 95-10$14.6095.0mm²M10 Stud Size17.31
UTBLCB 95-12$14.6095.0mm²M12 Stud Size17.31
UTBLCB 95-16$15.6095.0mm²M16 Stud Size17.31
UTBLCB 120-10$18.90120.0mm²M10 Stud Size17.31
UTBLCB 120-12$18.90120.0mm²M12 Stud Size17.31
UTBLCB 120-16$19.90120.0mm²M16 Stud Size17.31
UTBLCB 150-10$21.60150.0mm²M10 Stud Size221
UTBLCB 150-12$21.60150.0mm²M12 Stud Size221
UTBLCB 150-16$22.60150.0mm²M16 Stud Size221
UTBLCB 185-10$23.50185.0mm²M10 Stud Size221
UTBLCB 185-12$23.50185.0mm²M12 Stud Size221
UTBLCB 185-16$24.50185.0mm²M16 Stud Size221
UTBLCB 240-10$28.50240.0mm²M10 Stud Size28.41
UTBLCB 240-12$28.50240.0mm²M12 Stud Size28.41
UTBLCB 240-16$29.50240.0mm²M16 Stud Size28.41
UTBLCB 300-10$34.00300.0mm²M10 Stud Size28.41
UTBLCB 300-12$34.00300.0mm²M12 Stud Size28.41
UTBLCB 300-16$35.00300.0mm²M16 Stud Size28.41
UTBLCB 400-10$40.50400.0mm²M10 Stud Size391
UTBLCB 400-12$40.50400.0mm²M12 Stud Size391
UTBLCB 400-16$41.50400.0mm²M16 Stud Size391
UTBLCB 500-10$45.00500.0mm²M10 Stud Size391
UTBLCB 500-12$45.00500.0mm²M12 Stud Size391
UTBLCB 500-16$46.00500.0mm²M16 Stud Size391
UTBLCB 630-10$55.50630.0mm²M10 Stud Size43.21
UTBLCB 630-12$55.50630.0mm²M12 Stud Size43.21
UTBLCB 630-16$56.50630.0mm²M16 Stud Size43.21

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