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High-Quality Aluminium Cable Lugs and Links in Australia

Universal Tools and Terminations partner with globally trusted suppliers to distribute high-quality aluminium cable lugs, terminal lugs, and compression lugs in a wide range of sizes. We ship Australia wide.

We provide a broad range of aluminium lugs for the termination of aluminium cable. Aluminium links are used to connect electrical equipment and cables. Cable lugs ensure the supply and distribution of electric current without any hinderance. Lugs allow for the easy installation of electrical cables.

Cable lugs are in high demand in the power and utility industry. Browse our range of aluminium lugs below.

Why Choose Universal Tools and Terminations?

At Universal Tools and Terminations, our aluminium terminal lugs are low-cost and lightweight, as well as corrosion resistant – suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our aluminium compression lugs are forged from electrical grade solid aluminium rod. They come pre-filled with joint compound and with the ends capped. Compression die information is supplied with each link and normal aluminium cable preparation applies prior to crimping.

Meanwhile, our long palm lugs allow for ‘two bolt’ connection, and long palm lug itself comes complete with a plastic cap.

Our aluminium lugs are suitable for standard crimp dies for aluminium. Holes in the palm can be drilled to suit the customer’s requirements. For any enquiries, call us on (03) 5579 5841 or send an email to

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