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Aluminium Cable Lug

Aluminium Cable Lug

Part No.: UTAL
Weight: kg
Universal Tools and Terminations are proud to offer a wide range of stock sourced from reputable global partners available to order online and ship nation-wide.

Aluminium is a good conductive material that has been used across the electrical industry for decades. Our aluminium lugs offer a lightweight and cost-effective solution. Over the years technology and manufacturing has advanced to create a wider range of safe and effective aluminium cable lugs.

What are the Benefits of Aluminium Cable Lugs?

  • Made with 99.6% oxygen free aluminium
  • Suitable across all aluminium and alloy connections
  • Tin plated to stop corrosion
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety for applications
  • Order online easily and ship your preferred quantity right to your door

Download our product guide PDF for more information on our range of aluminium connectors and aluminium terminal lugs. Contact our expert team to assist with your order or for any further enquiries.

Universal Tools and Terminations are here to keep you stocked with high quality supplies to make your job easier.


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Aluminium Lugs

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SKUPriceSizeStud SizeA/F Hex Die (mm)Qty per packAdd to Cart
UTAL 35-10POA35.0mm²M10 Stud Size91
UTAL 35-12POA35.0mm²M12 Stud Size91
UTAL 50-8POA50.0mm²M8 Stud Size13.21
UTAL 50-10POA50.0mm²M10 Stud Size13.21
UTAL 50-12POA50.0mm²M12 Stud Size13.21
UTAL 70-8POA70.0mm²M8 Stud Size13.21
UTAL 70-10POA70.0mm²M10 Stud Size13.21
UTAL 70-12POA70.0mm²M12 Stud Size13.21
UTAL 95-8POA95.0mm²M8 Stud Size17.31
UTAL 95-10POA95.0mm²M10 Stud Size17.31
UTAL 95-12POA95.0mm²M12 Stud Size17.31
UTAL 120-8POA120.0mm²M8 Stud Size17.31
UTAL 120-10POA120.0mm²M10 Stud Size17.31
UTAL 120-12POA120.0mm²M12 Stud Size17.31
UTAL 150-10POA150.0mm²M10 Stud Size221
UTAL 150-12POA150.0mm²M12 Stud Size221
UTAL 185-10POA185.0mm²M10 Stud Size221
UTAL 185-12POA185.0mm²M12 Stud Size221
UTAL 240-10POA240.0mm²M10 Stud Size28.41
UTAL 240-12POA240.0mm²M12 Stud Size28.41
UTAL 300-0POA300.0mm²Blank28.41
UTAL 300-10POA300.0mm²M10 Stud Size28.41
UTAL 300-12POA300.0mm²M12 Stud Size28.41
UTAL 400-0POA400.0mm²Blank391
UTAL 500-0POA500.0mm²Blank391
UTAL 630-0POA630.0mm²Blank43.21

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