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Cost-Effective Shearhead Connectors and Links in Australia

Universal Tools and Terminations partner with globally trusted suppliers to distribute high-quality shearhead connector links and lugs in a wide range of sizes. We ship Australia wide.

Also known as shearbolt connectors, our shearhead connectors are widely used in terminating mains cables. As a result, they need to be high-quality and heavy duty.

Shearhead links and lugs are a secure and cost-effective way of connecting different conductor sizes and types. Shearhead connectors minimise inventory costs and save downtime in the event of cable outages. Browse our range of shearhead lugs and links below.

Why Choose Universal Tools and Terminations?

Our shearhead connector products are manufactured in Europe form high strength aluminium alloy and using shearbolt technology, they are available as both a lug and a link in 1KV and up to 36KV options. For any enquiries, call us on (03) 5579 5841 or send an email to

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