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Bi-metal Switchgear Connector

Bi-metal Switchgear Connector

Part No.: UTBSC
Weight: kg
Bi-metal Switchgear Connector

  • Manufactured from 99.9% oxygen free high conductivity copper & 99.6% oxygen free aluminium
  • Joined using friction welding
  • Supplied with jointing compound in the barrel, sealed with cap
  • Manufactured to order


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Bi-Metal Switchgear Connectors

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SKUPriceSizeQty per packAdd to Cart
UTBSC 16POA16.0mm²1
UTBSC 25POA25.0mm²1
UTBSC 35POA35.0mm²1
UTBSC 50POA50.0mm²1
UTBSC 70POA70.0mm²1
UTBSC 95POA95.0mm²1
UTBSC 120POA120.0mm²1
UTBSC 150POA150.0mm²1
UTBSC 185POA185.0mm²1
UTBSC 240POA240.0mm²1
UTBSC 300POA300.0mm²1

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