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High-Grade Bimetallic Cable Lugs and Links in Australia

Universal Tools and Terminations partner with globally trusted suppliers to distribute high-quality bimetallic lugs and connectors in a wide range of specifications and sizes. We ship Australia wide to ensure your business always run smoothly.

Bimetallic cable lugs are used to terminate an aluminium cable at a copper bus bar or circuit breaker. Bimetallic connectors ensure your electrical connection does not fail due to galvanic action due to dissimilar contact. Bi-metal lugs and connectors produce a very strong and electrically sound joint that will not be subject to electrolysis.

Browse our range of bi-metal lugs below.

Why Choose Universal Tools and Terminations?

At Universal Tools and Terminations, our bi-metal cable lugs are in high demand in the power and utility industry.

We supply bi-metal stalk lugs, bi-metal long palm lugs, bi-metal reducing links, bi-metal switchgears and standard bi-metal lugs in a huge variety of sizes and configurations.

Our bi-metal lugs are manufactured using electrical grade aluminium and copper, which feature a very strong fusion welded AL/CU joint. Our bi-metal lugs are supplied with jointing compound in the barrels and are sealed with an end cap. Crimp die information is supplied with each bi-metal lug.

As part of our in-house engineering service here at Universal Tool, we are able to also provide narrow palm circuit breaker lugs by milling the palm width. Furthermore, we also offer a hole punching service in the blank palm that allows clients to choose exactly where they require the hole position. For any enquiries, call us on (03) 5579 5841 or send an email to

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